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Bible College

International Status & Accreditation



Equipping Ordinary People for Extra-Ordinary Ministry 


*  No classroom attendance

*  Study anytime, anywhere

*  Previous Experience and Related Education may qualify for credits

*  Unbelievably Affordable

1st year -Certificate in Ministry        
2nd year - Diploma in Ministry                                                                          

Further studies:
Bachelor Degree in Theology   
Bachelor Degree in Ministry 
Bachelor Degree in Prophetic Ministry
Bachelor Degree in Christiany Counseling
Bachelor Degree in Apostolic Ministry
Bachelor Degree in Christian Education
Bachelor Degree in Christian Entrepreneurship

Bachelor Degree in Ministry (Honors) – B. Min. (Honors.)

Further studies available...               
(password to open prospectus "Jehovah")


Certificate :  Cost per module          R400.00                                              Total for course  R4500.00

Diploma     : Cost per module           R400.00                                              Total for course  R4500.00

Bachelor Degree   per module          R500.00                                              Total for course  R8000.00

Honours Degree (B.Min. Hons.)       R550.00                                              Total for course  R3800.00


                                                   (Graduation costs not included)




















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