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Christmas is a time of love, appreciation, joy and giving. We have been absolutely overwhelmed and touched by the companies and individuals for what they had done for the 19 shelter children and their parents at Grace House Community Centre (Krugersdorp). It was a double blessing: on the 24th of December we hosted a Christmas Tree at the shelter and on the 25th the children all enjoyed a blessed Christmas day at Hole-in-one Boutique Hotel. They were spoiled with the best: a beautiful venue, presents, good food, and a lot of fun in the sun. First, we thank God because He made it all possible, all glory and honour to Him.
And from the bottom of our hearts we here at Naomi Ministries thank the sponsors for their kindness and open hearts. 


Christmas Day at Hole in One Boutique Hotel - 25 Dec

Christmas Tree at shelter - 24 Dec

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