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Seven years ago doctors told me that I will never be able to fall pregnant. I was depressed and last year (2012) I went to Naomi Ministries for counselling. There I was told that God is able to do miracles and they prayed for a baby for us.  God told  Charmaine at Naomi Ministries that we will have 3 children.  It is a few months later and  as you can see on the sonar I am pregnant with our first child (still 2 to come).

We are so grateful to God. Believe in Him, follow Him and God will bless you.


Thank You Jesus

Marlise and Marius



After 3 heart attacks and a stroke my brother Theuns was very weak. His heart needs to to be replaced. God promised us through dreams and visions that he would be healed. But a year later, the doctor ask the family to hospital. There is no hope for Theuns. We immediately start to pray for 3 hours, taking God on His promises for Theuns' healing. We did not rush to hospital but went to the prayer room. We just knew that our brother will make it through. What we did not realised is that in the time we prayed for Theuns, he died. No heart beat, no pulse...and the doctor left my brothers body with the sister to prepare for family. Three hours later, the sister run to the doctor and said that my brother opened his eyes and asked her what is going on. She was shocked and keep on asking the doctor how this is possible. The doctor said it is impossible and rushed to my brothers room. And all that he could say was "It is impossible." Well all is possible with God - there is power in prayer!

Charmaine (Naomi Ministries)




"I had abdominal pains and went to the doctor numerous times. My doctor referred me to a specialist and were admitted to hospital. The doctor told me I have Diverticular Disease (is were small pouches are formed in the weak spots in the colon) he also said is CAN'T BE CURED. The specialist referred me to a dietitian, she told me it is a very dangerous matter and that I CAN DIE from it. She told me to go on a special diet for 2 weeks and if the pain does not go away, I must go back to the specialist as he has to operate(remove part of my colon). The dietitian said if a pouch had to burst, that I will die, I cried for three days as it was like I had a ticking bomb inside of me. Six days later I went to Charmaine and Barend (Naomi Ministries ) to pray for me, immediately God showed me a golden circle were my colon is. (Immediately the pain left my body) During the pray session, I saw hooves (like that of a horse?) banging on the floor next to me, Jesus was standing in front of me and chased him (the devil) away, whereby he said ‘I will be back’. After the prayer session, I told Charmaine about what I saw and she said it was the devil and he will try to give me fear in any form.
Today, a week later, I am still pain free and eating normal again. Jesus healed me again!




I was diagnosed with a severe case of Osteoarthritis. The doctors predicted that I will be wheelchair bound. I struggled with severe back pain as my spine and pelvic bones crumbled.  On June 20th 2013 I visited the prayer cell at Naomi Ministries for healing. 

While they prayed for me, I received a vision from God.  In the vision I saw Jesus with what seems like clay in His hands.  Then I saw how the Lord build me a new spine.  At that moment all pain left my body.  God healed me!


Thank you Jesus

Teresa Kennedy​



On June 24th Marlene came to us for healing. She was diagnosed with a 3.4cm cyst on one of her ovaries.  She came with a lot of faith and believed that Jesus would heal her.  Her healing was according to her faith because the next day she went for a internal sonar again and the doctor was amazed because the cyst disappeared miraculously!


Here is her testimony:

"Ons besef nie altyd hoeveel krag dra ons gebede nie. Die sist van 3.4cm is vandag weg. Sjoe soos in weg!  Na inwendige sonar ondersoek moes die dokter erken die sist is net weg. Hy het hom selfs op my ander eierstok gaan soek. Ek le nog so toe loof ek al die Here want ek weet daardie sist is weg gebid.

Onthou om altyd dankie te se.


Marlene Geyser



Two weeks ago, Susan (68) fell and broke her ribs and also injured her spine severely. She could not walk without someone assisting her, she was in great pain. We asked God to heal her broken ribs and other injuries.  Immediately ​God touched her and all pain and discomfort left her body. He healed the broken ribs!  She stood up with her hands in the air and bent and twist her body - no pain!  And for a extra bonus, Jesus baptised her in the Holy Spirit.  For the first time in her life she spoke and sang in her heavenly language.





We prayed for Michelle at Milbarton Hospital. She draw our attention when she cried bitterly because the doctors gave her a bad report regarding her kidneys. The doctors said that they have to remove the left kidney completely (it did not function at all) and the right kidney had kidney stones.  She is a reborn Christian and she believed with us that God will give her a new kidney and heal the other one. The nex week she went for her booked surgery to remove the kidney.  The doctors was amazed as they saw the left kidney was completely healed, and it was not necessary to remove the kidney stones from her right kidney as it came off by itself.  All they needed to do was to stitch the wound up again


Michelle has the before and after reports from the doctors


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